Install Ubuntu on a MacBook

I’ve an old MacBook (late 2009 with 4GB of RAM) and for this time some programs like Skype doesn’t work anymore. So I’m installing Ubuntu to make this old Mac working again.

First, using a secondary laptop (a MacBook Pro with OSX High Sierra in my case) download Ubuntu.

Then, “burn” the .iso file onto an USB stick. To do that, you need to erase the USB:

Then, Unmount the USB via DiskUtility

Then, open Terminal and type:

sudo diskutil list

It will list the connected USBs:

In this case disk2 is the USB.

Then, type:

sudo dd if=/Users/miguel/Downloads/ubuntu-17.10.1-desktop-amd64.iso of=/dev/disk2

Wait some minutes…

Finally, extract the USB and put it onto the final computer and turn it on. Then  press Option/alt (⌥) key to boot from USB.


Final result: